Chiral Metasurface BioSensing

Biomolecules exhibit weak optical activity in the UV due to their chirality. We are exploring nano-optical methods for enhancing these weak chiral signals. Funding: National Science Foundation CAREER.

Hot-Carrier Materials for Infrared Photodetection

We are exploring the emergent properties of alloy materials for hot-carrier generation. Collaborations with Jason Baxter (Drexel University), Ben Diroll (Argonne National Laboratory), Phil Sprunger & Bill Shelton (LSU Physics). Funding National Science Foundation DMR and DOD Army Resarch Office.

Photocatalytic Water Disinfection

45 million Americans get their drinking water from a private water well. These wells are not regulated by the EPA and thus pose a significant threat, especially to underserved communities. We are developing photocatalytic methods for treating this important groundwater source. Funding National Science Foundation - Partners for Innovation

Chiral Nanoparticles

Chiral nanoparticles act as inorganic analogs to chiral bio-molecules but exhibit much stronger chiroptical properties. We seek to leverage these properties for sensing and therapeutic applications. Funding Louisiana Board of Regents.